Rhyolite Design has a portfolio and reputation based on years of experience and providing clients with what they want. My goal is to create long lasting relationships with clients by giving them my undivided attention, communicating clearly and by going above and beyond the expectations. I hold myself to a very high level of service and take pride in the work that I do.

Recently, many of my clients have been in the field of education. I’ve taken a great interest in helping school districts create a brand identity, implement a communication strategy and build a website and online presence from those. Examples of work include D123 and KSD140. I’ve also been afforded the opportunity to create a strong relationship with Campus Suite. The tools and service that Campus Suite offers in addition to their hosting is perfect for any size school district. I’m happy to have them as a parter in the services that I provide.

I share works in progress and other random design ideas on Dribbble. You can also find me on Twitter


Where did the name and logo come from?

My grandfather was an artist. As a child, for my birthday one year, he gave me a painting of a Grumman F4F Wildcat, the very plane pictured in the logo. The painting hangs above my desk to this very day.

As for the name, rhyolite is a type of rock found all over North America. While hiking in Canada at Lake Superior Provincial Park, I first came across it and was amazed at how it differed so much from the rest. You’d be hiking within the same general landscape and then all the sudden around the bend would be a purplish beach that made you feel as if you might be on another planet. (Not to mention, Rhyolite Design sounds much cooler than Pohlmeier Design.) You might even say that Rhyolite Design provides “rock solid” design services.